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At Bespoke Repairs we work with many types of materials and with a wide range of repair methods, including: scratch repair, polishing, stain removal, chip/crack repair and more. Below we outline the material types and the repairs available. If you are unsure about the information that you require, use the sections below to learn about our services and understand the terminology. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by clicking "CONTACT US" in the menu above, or by emailing or phoning us directly. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

We offer a wide variety of stone repairs and cleaning services:

  • stain extraction and etch repairs for all types of stone
  • repairs to cracks and breaks such as edge chips and impact damage
  • repairs to scratches in marble, granite and engineered stone (quartz composite).
  • cleaning and maintenance (algae cleaning, soot stain cleaning, grime cleaning and general wear and tear) including sealing the stone after the procedures to maintain the finish.


Stain removal

Stains are usually caused either by a liquid such as red wine, coffee or oil , which mark the stone, or by a chemical reaction when spillages of cleaning products or lemon juice, cause etching on the surface (usually leaving a stain that is brighter in colour).

Other stains may be caused by humidity or oxidisation.  In these cases the stain is a result of liquid carrying contamination like silt, iron or dirt through the stone pores, (normally leaving a brownish yellow stain in the stone). Examples of humidity stains can include a burst water pipe, rain water or stains that were carried through walls or the main structure of the house into the stone. Oxidisation stains may occur when a rusty object is left in contact with the stone surface, or when a battery leaks into the stone pores. 

The more information we can collect on the type of surface and the cause of the stain, the better we can address the problem, acting quickly and with greater efficiency to find the right solution.


Scratches, chips and cracks

In most cases scratches can be removed by mechanical means and polished  to restore the original look of the stone; but sometimes  a filler is needed. When the stone is cracked or when a piece is missing the only option will be a reconstruction to mimic the missing part, or fill the crack


Stone cleaning

Sometimes your stone surface does not require structural repairs or scratch removal and it is simply a case of cleaning airborne or waterborne material. This can be anything from green or black algae that has developed on garden slabs or mould stains or soot and dust that has accumulated on the fireplace. In these cases we can offer cleaning solutions and sealing products that produce great results and are environmentally friendly too so we can all sleep better at night…


Sealing and stone maintenance

Most stone surfaces require some sort of maintenance from honing and polishing to re-sealing,  waxing or colour correcting to prolong the life and natural beauty of the stone. We offer all types of maintenance support from advice all the way to providing the service on a scheduled basis.

We offer a wide variety of glass repair services such as scratch repair and polishing, angle grinder splatter repairs, mineral deposit removal, acid etch repair, glass erosion repair, impact and edge chip repairs, profiling, resin repairs, resurfacing and glass treatments and coats.


Glass scratch repairs

Glass can suffer scratch damage from cleaning, sanding frames, accidental damage and normal wear and tear. The process of polishing the scratches  and restoring the clarity also restores the strength in the surface as removing the scratch takes away the weak point  and prevents it from cracking .

Our glass polishing standard exceeds GGF and NHBC regulations and we are committed to using the best and latest materials and technology to stay at the top of this industry and offer the best quality and speed available. 


Chipped edge repairs and surface chip repairs

Glass surfaces can suffer many forms of chip damage especially when there is no frame to protect the edges of a glass surface. You may have an edge chip or ‘shell’ of glass that was broken off  your kitchen top or glass furniture : we repair the edge of the pane,  polish the edge to re-profile it so that it becomes safe to touch.

Surface chips are usually a result of an object hitting the glass surface at high speed . In most cases we can perform a resin chip repair that will fill the chip and make it less obvious and safe.


Acid etched and eroded glass

Sometimes glass comes in contact with acids or alkaline in graffiti attacks, lime scale damage or erosion caused by cement from walls dripping onto panels of glass. In these cases the glass becomes opaque and the surface suffers a chemical reaction to the substance it was exposed to. In most of these cases we can provide a polishing solution that will restore the clarity to the pane and remove the damage, this can be followed by a special glass treatment to protect the surface from future damage.


Glass treatment and filming

Glass can be protected in many ways. It can be treated to prevent mineral build up e.g. on shower screens, chemical etching or spraying and it can be filmed to prevent scratches (as well as providing solar efficiency and glare reduction).

Depending on your needs we can provide the best solution for your glass surface. We are a certified provider of the Clearshield system by Ritec and use the latest and most advanced filming technology on the market to provide sacrificial films for protection and solar filming as well as privacy films such as frosted and decorated films.

When metallic surfaces get scratched, etched, rusted or oxidised  we can help to restore the surface and protect it from future damage.


Metal scratches

The repair options are different for every type of metal and damage. The majority of repairs we do to metal are for scratched stainless steel items such as home appliances, sinks, draining boards and  splash backs,  also lift doors and brass and chrome items such as hand rails, taps, ornaments etc.


Metal etch and oxidation damage

Metal surfaces  can also be etched with a chemical or suffer oxidation such as rust and surface blemishes from acidic contact with materials. We can offer metal surface repairs that do not involve abrasive solutions and will only restore the surface to its original or similar condition prior to any blemishes occurring.


Metal coating and protection

Once the metallic surface has been repaired, there are a few ways we can prolong the finished look and protect it from future damage. Using the best and latest technology in metal treatments and coatings we  offer the best aftercare available for your restored metal surfaces. 

Plastics, Acrylics and Polycarbonates

Usually these surfaces  are relatively soft and prone to scratches and scuffs that require polishing out  and shining the surface back to original or similar condition. Plastics refurbishing can be a sensitive process and not all surfaces can be restored; in most cases, however, we can provide a solution.